Faith 4 Rights (F4R)

What is F4R ?

Eighteen commitments for the convergence of beliefs and fundamental rights

In March 2017, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights launched the "Faith 4 Rights" initiative in Beirut: its objective is to promote convergence between beliefs and fundamental rights. Thus, the belief actors and civil society participating in the workshop adopted the "Beirut Declaration" and its "18 Commitments on Faith for Rights" .

OHCHR's approach is twofold, and doubly innovative. On the one hand, it targets civil society by directly targeting it with its programme and 18 commented commitments. On the other hand, it adopts a project-based approach to identify and use as an example or source of inspiration the good practices identified.

More details and educational documents in the "EMHOTEP sheets"

What is EMHOTEP's involvement in this?

A public secretariat for faith actors and the Office of the High Commissioner

EMHOTEP, the computer base and tool of the Inter-University Centre on Rights and Beliefs (CIDC-ICRB), has developed from the preparatory stages the project-based approach to create the university electronic platform for monitoring and studying practices.

In December 2017, OHCHR brought together in Rabat more than 50 States, 100 actors of civil society beliefs. EMHOTEP presented its approach to civil society actors during a panel exclusively dedicated to it entitled "Outline of a possible inventory of relevant actors and projects". EMHOTEP has thus distinguished itself as the "Public Secretariat" of F4R.

Following an initial phase of prima facie collection and analysis that will run until June 2018, this website will represent the core of the monitoring system. It will present to stakeholders, in accordance with a scientific analytical methodology, good practices and risky practices, with the aim of inspiring civil society, sharing actions, and publicizing the 18 Beirut commitments as widely as possible.

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